BOISE, Idaho (News Release) – Public transportation providers throughout Idaho can submit a one-time application beginning Monday, Aug. 22, for a share of more than $1.2 million in funding available statewide through the Idaho Transportation Department’s Public Transportation Office.

The application will be for eligible capital, planning, or marketing projects. Public transportation providers can apply for funding to rehabilitate and replace aging bus fleets and purchase equipment needed to maintain operations.

“The funds will also fuel marketing efforts to increase ridership and awareness, and planning efforts to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of citizens,” said ITD Chief Operations Officer Jim Carpenter.

“The public will benefit from safer transportation operations, increased awareness of public-transportation services, and better access to those services,” he added.

Starting Monday, the application will be available via the webpage.

The public will also benefit by accessing new and improved capital assets that result in greater fuel economy and load-carrying efficiency. Marketing and planning improvement also increase awareness and education on how to use public transportation and where services should be deployed. Eligible projects will be considered for the 5310, 5339, and VIP funding sources.

This one-time application is made possible through cost savings and innovative approaches taken by ITD's Public Transportation Office. Further details can be found on the website on Aug. 22. See the Applications page for more details.