The most difficult aspect of writing this piece was narrowing it down to just 10 ways to procrastinate filing your taxes.

Please let us know exactly which number on this list served as the turning point in your life.

  • 1

    Think about something.

    Try to focus your thoughts on a thing, or a place, or an activity. Fishing, lint rollers, 2 for 1 pizza deals, reading Eric Stromer's bio... really anything will do.

    Oh, it's important that one of the things you think about is not taxes.

    pavel ilyukhin, thinkstock
  • 2

    Build a Fort

    You have a perfectly good couch that is collecting butt dust and is clearly not currently being decorated with a "No Girlz Allowed" sign. Get on that!

    anna davydova, thinkstock
  • 3

    Join the Military.

    Siempre fi-nd yourself dreading taxes? Suit up!

    videodet, thinkstock
  • 4

    Be a Doppleganger.

    What do you think? Boomer and John Lennon. Yeah, me neither.

    But you know what Boomer didn't do? Taxes. And that, my friend, is a victory worth celebrating.

    Central Press, Getty Images (Lennon)
  • 5

    Post something mildly racist about your own race on Facebook.

    omigosh guys, I mean, c'mon white people, what's with all the yogurt? am I right?

    jonangelo molinari, thinkstock
  • 6

    Get educated on the precarious sociopolitical themes throughout the history of the Middle East.

    Just kidding, play Mario Kart.

    Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
  • 7

    Watch every single episode of Homestar Runner.

    If you haven't done this already, you should be deeply ashamed of yourself. Like, cover your face with a black veil.

    Homestar Runner
  • 8

    Legally change your name to alphanumeric symbols.

    "Hey, nice to meet you! I'm Ampersandcarrot."

  • 9

    Keep standing in line at the DMV.

    Wait in line, and when you get to the counter (stare at them until they stop being d-bags and talk to you, of course) and they ask, "What the eff do you want?" reply using the DMV acronym:
    "Discovering My Vices."

    or "Detecting Missile Vectors."

    or "Dodging Mississippi Vikings."

    Then say nothing else, walk away, go to the back of the line, and repeat the process.

    Keystone, Thinkstock
  • 10

    Drive to your local IRS agent and kick someone in the noids.

    Or, if YOU work at the IRS, wear a cup today. There's a chance someone may kick you in the noids.

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