Honestly, Twin Falls has been a great place to live for the last few years. There are so many places to go and fun outdoor activities year round. But that doesn't mean it is all rainbows and unicorn kisses. Here are 10 things in Twin Falls that would make life better if they changed or just went away.

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    I'm starting this list off with one that we can all agree on! Drugs don't just ruin the life of those that abuse the drug. Don't do drugs.

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    Lake Lithia

    Seriously - why don't they fix that? I don't do construction planning so I'm not an expert on this...but I'd say that the flooding that seems to be happening more often now at Lithia could be fixed.

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    The Undercrossing At Eastland

    The rail road undercrossing at Eastland every time it floods. But, more so the idiots that try to drive through it!

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    Neighbors Who Don't Take Care Of Their Yard

    This one irks me! My neighbor to the East has an amazing yard and mows and weeds at least once a week. The neighbor to the West travels a lot so he actually did us all a favor and killed his lawn so it wouldn't turn into a jungle! Some neighbors aren't that nice and they seem to be part of a 'save the dandelions and goathead initiative'! If you aren't going to take care of your lawn - then get rid of it. Right?

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    The Smells

    This is a tough one because we do have a great community of businesses and without them our town would die. But - it isn't the best that you can drive across town and play what's that smell as you pass, production plants, ag storage, waste treatment, and livestock.

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    The Gnats

    All the gnats that come out every Spring and swarm the fields and oddly the side view mirrors of all the cars. I bet we could film a horror movie and those gnats are the bad guys

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    Dogs Not On Leashes

    This is another tough one because I get the 'rural' mentality. But when your dog is running free it is a huge nuisance to playing children, bikers, and joggers.

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    The Random Noises

    Twin Falls is really a pretty loud town. Trains rolling through with horns blaring at 7am. The random hums/whine/thrum of the factories. The Mystery Booms each year? I guess if you want quiet head up to the South Hills - which is one of the great things about the area!

    If you can't take the noise though, you can always just turn up your radio and we'll be your soundtrack!

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    Homeless In Rock Creek

    I don't know if this is still as big of an issue as it has been in the past, but the last time I took the family down there seemed to be a rather large number of people I didn't want around my kids. I am being judgmental. Maybe they are great people but I don't know and I had to leave to feel safe with my kids.

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    Yeah. we went there. Nobody like potholes unless it has just rained a lot and you get to drive through the puddles.

    Seriously though. We have some pretty bad roads, yet last year the road in front of my house was torn out and replaced. There was nothing wrong with the road before - we were lucky and didn't have any potholes. But now the road has random bumps in sections like mini speed-bumps that just shake your car like when you drive over train tracks. Next time please leave my road and fix the potholes.