Not only is this picture now on my desktop, but The Fighters of Foo have wrapped up their new album, which features a bass and an accordion duo...I'm sold!

It's a new year and instead of trying to lose weight this 2011, buy yourself a six pack of your favorite cold one (Clamato & Coors Light), some funions (or as I prefer Hot n' Spicy Cheezits) and some new music!

The Foo Fighters are back in the studio...

Dave Grohl is promising that his next record will be “the heaviest Foo Fighters album yet.”

I like heavy, then again one of my favorite CD's from the Foo Fighters was their double CD "In Your Honor."  This could be just a guilty pleasure.  All I ask, is for it to NOT suck.  :-)

Did you see the movie "Get Him to the Greek"?

  1. It's hilarious - go see it, but leave the kids at home.
  2. Flee makes a cameo, yeah in his undies!
  3. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are working on a new album too!

If you loved "Stadium Arcadium", then I think you'll like their next album, because they're back working with producer Rick Rubin.

And U2 is still working!

Here's what you have to look forward to:

The record picks up tracks that were cut from 2009’s underappreciated No Line On The Horizon, and adds other songs that Bono & Co. have been working on and incorporating into concerts since August, the standout of which has easily been Glastonbury (listen here).

And touring in SLC in May!