Nobody really likes it when false information is shared about them, so getting a story about you on Snopes is not necessarily a good thing. It does happen though and recently we've been on there at least 3 times!

1 - In 2008 a story started circulating that some Northern Idaho university students had met in a restaurant to discuss how terrible the United States are. During their load discussion of American hate other patrons of the restaurant begin singing 'God Bless America' and drove the students out of the restaurant.

  • FALSE - though the original story dates back to 2001 after the 9/11 attacks.

2 - A few months ago an online call to boycott Chobani yogurt began due to claims that Chobani was importing hundreds of Muslim refugees every month.

  • FALSE - while the Chobani company has hired many refugees they do not have the ability to 'import hundreds of refugees'.

3 - In April of 2006 an Idaho mother, and recent immigrant from Bangladesh, sued the Kotex company. She claims that the tampon her daughter used had stolen her virginity and would now never be able to find a husband.

  • FALSE - this turned out to be a perfect (though late) April Fool's joke from a satire website.