When most normal people want to learn about the history of Twin Falls or any other place in the Magic Valley, they go to a library. Fortunately, I'm not normal. (My wife can verify this) So, when I want to see historical Twin Falls stuff, I go to Ebay.

Here are just a few of the interesting Twin Falls items I ran across in my non-scientific search.

A 1987 Twin Falls High School Yearbook

You have to look close to spot this one. There is a stack of miscellaneous yearbooks from Alaska and Oregon on top of the Twin Falls yearbook. You can practically hear that old Dire Straits song when you see the "Walk Of Life" slogan on the front of us. Gnarly, dude.

A Gooding, Idaho Souvenir Plate From The 1920's

Remember the Gooding Mercantile store in Gooding, Idaho or is that too old for your bones? The hardest part of this souvenir for me to figure out is that it was made in Germany. Let's hope that this plate comes directly from Boris Becker's personal plate collection.

An Antique Twin Falls, Idaho Toothpick Holder

If there is one thing we know in Twin Falls, it's toothpicks. And, yes, you guessed correct. This is also made in Germany where all good Twin Falls items come from. Apparently.

1971 Twin Falls, Idaho Gun Club Pin

The only thing we know better than toothpicks in Twin Falls is guns. And, many times, we have a toothpick in our mouths when we shoot our guns. Thanks to Ebay, you can now pretend to be a much better shot than you probably are by proudly displaying this Twin Falls Gun Club pin from 1971. I promise I will not tell anyone you got it off of Ebay.