Twin Falls has no shortage of food options. But if you're someone who's looking to make dietary changes for health reasons or food intolerances, it can be difficult finding a place that will cater to your needs. If you find yourself looking for healthier options, 4-Roots Juice Bar and Cafe might be just what the doctor ordered.

Our entire menu is gluten-free making 4 Roots a safe place to eat for people with food allergies and especially those with celiac disease.

We caught up with Jodie Yardley, owner and operator of 4-Roots to learn more about her juice bar and cafe'.

Tell me a little bit about 4-Roots Juice Bar & Cafe' and the foods you make.

Jodie Yardley: 4 Roots Juice Bar & Cafe makes fresh organic cold-pressed juices and fresh organic whole fruit smoothies and Acai bowls. We also have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu using whole, clean foods. We are dedicated to buying fresh local produce. Our entire menu is gluten-free making 4 Roots a safe place to eat for people with food allergies and especially those with celiac disease. We make all of our bakery items from scratch every day!

4 Roots Juice Bar & Cafe

What made you decide to start up 4-Roots?

Jodie Yardley: I have had a passion for healthy eating for many years. I don't have a background in the restaurant industry, I just knew Twin Falls needed a healthy choice to eat. We opened the Juice Bar to cater to the needs of the Magic Valley and get involved more with our community.

4-Roots began as a juice bar but later began offering foods.  When did this happen and why the change in strategy?

Jodie Yardley: When we opened, juicing was a fairly new concept in this area. We quickly learned we needed more to sustain our business. I asked friends what kinds of healthy options they would like to see on a menu and tested lots of recipes. We have slowly introduced breakfast and lunch/dinner options that everyone seems to love.

Describe your philosophy about the food/juices you make.

Jodie Yardley: We want to provide drinks and foods that nourish our bodies. We believe a truly healthy and happy person is directly related to what we eat.

Describe the 4-Roots customer.

Jodie Yardley: Our customers are everyone! People who have been juicing for years or someone who has heard about the health benefits and wants to give it a try. We see a lot of people that come in and tell us they are tired of being sick and tired and are ready to make the changes necessary to gain back their health!

What would you say is the most popular item on your menu?

Jodie Yardley: Our most popular drink is the 'Perk Me Up'. It's a great tasting smoothie with banana, almond milk, almond butter, espresso and plant based protein powder. Our customers get one and make it a meal or drink one after a workout.

Is there one particular item on your menu that you could eat just about every day?

Jodie Yardley: I drink a Supa Greens juice every day. Most of the time two! But what I really love is our Zucchini Brownie. Seriously so good!

4 Roots Juice Bar & Cafe

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking of launching a small business, what would it be?

Jodie Yardley: Just believe in what you do with all your heart. If you believe it, so will everyone else.

You can learn more about 4-Roots Juice Bar & Cafe' by visiting them at 1563 Fillmore St. in Twin Falls. Or check out some of their food and menu items on Facebook.