There are some Halloween costumes that would be popular in no other part of the country than Southern Idaho. We've taken it upon ourselves to collect the top 5 to share with you. Choose any one of these and you'll be the life of any Twin Falls Halloween party.

5. Medusa

Snakes in her hair? Anyone who has tried to sleep outside in a sleeping bag near the Snake River Canyon has lived this at some point.

4. Your rich friend from Sun Valley

He'll be glad to come to your measly Twin Falls Halloween party as long as you park his car at least 50 yards from the nearest vehicle.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

This is Idaho. They are potatoes. Match made in spud heaven.

2. The irritating guy in the end zone at a BSU Broncos game

He loves the BSU Broncos and so do you. But, he takes it to an extreme that even hardened prisoners haven't imagined yet.

1. Evel Knievel

This is the perfect costume if you don't want anyone from Twin Falls who's at your Halloween party to talk to you. The one cousin from LA will think this is awesome. Everyone else will shun you and pretend that 1974 never happened.