When I was 16, I worked as a stock man at K-Mart that occasionally was suckered into working a checkout lane every now and then. So, I feel the pain of those that actually have to make a living where people pay for stuff. But, there are some people that will strike fear into anyone who happens to be in any on of those lines. Here are my least favorites.

5. The dude who's too cool for himself


I have nothing against the younger generation, but when you are behind the guys who are too busy posturing to answer cashier questions, you're in for a long wait. It's time for him to pay? No hurry. He's making sure the babe he's spotted in line 3 notices his immense amount of style.

4. The solo mom not paying attention to her small child standing in the cart


Moms have it rough. You feel for the ladies who are trying to get groceries and manage the kids at the same time. But, there is that one lady that drives you crazy because her small child is standing in the cart about to fall over the side. You want to save the child, but you're trying to mind your own business and not be intrusive. The worst scenario is when the youngster is standing in the TOP part of the cart defying gravity while that mom is busy reading Soap Opera Digest.

3. The health food nut that feels the need to prosecute the unhealthy


I know I should eat healthier. But, there are few things I enjoy less than standing in line behind the health food nut. He or she has nothing but organic foods (that are probably gluten-free) on the checkout conveyor belt. You can feel the pain of their icy stare when I put my 6-pack of fruit pies next to their food. (But, they were on sale!)

In Twin Falls, I have actually been accosted by a health food nut AND the checkout person who decided to continue the nutrition lecture after the health food nut has departed to go get in their Prius.

2. The person who does not recognize the invention of the checkout line divider bar.


One positive technological advance that stores have made over the years is the invention of the little rubber divider thing so we can both have our foods on the checkout line conveyor belt at the same time. When the person in front of you finishes putting their stuff down then does NOT pick up the rubber divider thing, you know you're behind checkout villain #2. This means you can either a) pick up the divider thing yourself and put it down on the belt or b) smack them with it. It's too bad that laws don't allow the latter.

1. The Extreme Coupon Lady


Saving money is a good thing. You don't blame people for trying to be frugal. But, there is no one you will encounter in a Twin Falls checkout line that is more terrifying than the extreme coupon lady. I'm not talking about people who have 2 or 3 coupons. No, this lady carries around a book the size of an old World Book Encyclopedia. They are not limited to regular full-size checkout lanes. Some in Twin also like to frequent the 20 item or less aisle. (*shudder*)