Spring is here and no doubt you've started on your spring cleaning - or in my case started and then gave up. If you are more diligent than I am at cleaning here are the top 5 places that don't get cleaned if you want more to do.

  1. Wiping down the baseboards.
  2. Dusting above eye level. Out of sight out of mind right?
  3. Wiping the walls. Dust can collect on your walls along with grimy kid hand prints. Just be careful to not wipe off any paint.
  4. Inside the kitchen cabinets. Really - when was the last time you emptied them for a cleaning?
  5. Under the kitchen appliances. This includes appliances on the counters like your mixer and microwave and the big ones like your fridge and oven.

Is there a place that you always forget to clean that we didn't mention?