Today is February 29, Leap Day. What do you do with an extra day that you only get once every four years? If you're smart, you spend it in the Magic Valley where we do Leap Day better than anyone else. Here's why.

5. We have so many great slopes, it's hard not to ski.

Magic Mountain, Pomerelle, Sun Valley and the highly underrated Soldier Mountain. Good luck not spending February 29 with sticks on your feet and that's a good thing.

4. We are known for our jumping.

Jumping? Leaping? No big deal in Twin Falls. Yes, Evel Knievel did it on September 8, 1974 - sorta. And, to this day, we jump off everything that isn't nailed down. Plus, let's not forget that the Fosbury Flop was invented by Dick Fosbury who was from nearby Ketchum.

3. We have a special potato recipe that will make you jump to the moon.

Clemens Bilan, Getty Images

In the Magic Valley, we know how to do potatoes in ways you've never imagined before. Ever had the hot garlic-roasted potatoes made with Tabasco sauce? You will leap. Oh yes, you will leap.

2. Magic Valley women are easily impressed.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Ready to leap for joy in a way that Leap Day actually deserves? The truth is Magic Valley women are easy to impress. Ever read the missed connections on Twin Falls Craigslist? Joggers, UPS drivers, guys wearing carpenter pants in Walmart...Magic Valley ladies got it going on.

1. Our bridge was built for Leap Day's like this.

Photo, Doc Holliday

Wasn't this like the most obvious fact on Earth? The Perrine Bridge. Duh. Where else can you - legally - leap on Leap Day that is any more grand than this? End of story. We win.