You may have already seen our post about the five most "dangerous" neighborhoods in Twin Falls. And if you did, you might be thinking you need to get the H. E. double-hockey-sticks out of Dodge and move to a better part of town.  So, where do you go?  I'm glad you asked.

The folks over at Neighborhood Scout compiled some figures and determined the safest neighborhoods in Twin Falls. If you're wondering how they arrived at their conclusions, they basically took the number of crimes and violent crimes reported within an area and compared it to the population. Now that you know, here are the five safest neighborhoods in Twin Falls.

#5 East of Blue Lakes Between Falls and Addison

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I know, I know... You might be saying to yourself, "Wasn't this area listed as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Twin?"  Yes, it was.  In a survey that ranked eight total areas, this and one other neighborhood is going to wind up in the middle, making it not quite the safest, yet not quite the most dangerous either... If you're a glass-half-full person, I suggest the former. The same thing applies to our next neighborhood.

#4 Washington Street South / S Park Avenue

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Like we said before, South of Twin Falls gets a bad rap but we feel it's improving. There's been a lot of growth in this area and a lot of nice families are moving in.

#3 Grandview Drive North / Falls Avenue West

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You could call this the northwest side of Twin. It's pretty much everything to the north of Pole Line between North Grandview and Falls Ave. West. This is another area that has seen a ton of growth over the last 10 years and soon will include one of our new elementary schools.

#2 Blue Lakes Blvd North / Cheney Dr

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This is the northeast side of town and includes some of the areas along the Snake River Canyon. There's quite a few gated communities in this area so it makes sense that this area would statically be considered safe.

#1 Orchard Dr East / N 3100 East

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Here's some good news. Our safest neighborhood is also our largest. Pretty much everything south of Orchard is considered the safest place in Twin Falls, and when you think for a minute, it totally makes sense. Most of this area is in the country so it's less populated... And the fewer people, the less crime. (It's a numbers game.) And while there's no scientific data to back this up, it might also suggest that folks in the country are just altogether nicer.

All things being equal, numbers and stats only tell so much. Let us know if you think this list of the safest neighborhoods in Twin Falls is accurate.