Amazon and Idaho can both be very strange places. Don't we know it. When you combine the two, prepare for extreme weirdness. For example, check out these 5 Idaho items that you can actually buy on Amazon.

1. Strange mug that we suspect is a put-down

CafePress via Amazon

I can be a little slow sometimes. (Shocker, I know) But, I'm pretty sure this Idaho mug is meant as an insult probably.

2. An Idaho refrigerator magnet featuring Alf

Home Comforts via Amazon

Remember 80's TV star Alf? At one point, our wondrous state turned to him to endorse our taters. When Alf says "Mighty fine french fry crop this year!", you can believe him.

3. Cookie cutters shaped like Idaho

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters via Amazon

When you're working on Christmas cookies, why not crank out a whole pile of Idaho's? Now, you can thanks to this very inexpensive Idaho cookie cutter.

4. An Idaho apron with a zombie's face on it

Kess InHouse via Amazon

This solves the great mystery of why Idaho is shaped so weird on the northeastern side. The added bonus of this apron is it will allow you to scare away any potential visitors that might be tempted to try your holiday cooking.

5. A very special "I Love Boise" dish towel

Lantern Press via Amazon

We recommend this one for drying off your dog after a good bath.