When you see your friends share a story that is too outrageous to be true, it's more than likely from The Onion. It's a satire newspaper that comes up with crazy stories that are just close enough to be believable that people will share them. Here are 5 times that Idaho has been on the receiving end of The Onion's humor.

Thanks to my radio friend, Jerrad in Cheyenne, for the inspiration for this one.

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    Idaho Legislature Declares English Only Language They Know

    This one claimed that the Idaho announced that English was the only language they would ever know because learning any other language "they have no use for". The article also claimed that the Idaho legislature would label any out-of-towners in Idaho as "suspicious".

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    States Turning Down Federal Money

    This is one of my favorites. This Onion report claimed that Idaho had turned down $60 million from the Federal Government which would have been used to pay off the bear population and keep them from taking over. Awesome.

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    Obese Salmon Unable To Swim Upstream

    When a story begins with a fat salmon allegedly speaking to reporters, you can assume it's probably not true. When it ends with a fish claiming that it can't make the trip upstream to Idaho and that Grizzly bears were also now overweight due to the salmon, yeah, it's from The Onion.

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    Dad Returns From Business Trip With Exotic Gifts From Idaho

    Dad returns from trip to Idaho declaring "“Behold, a lord’s ransom in magnificent spoils!” said the 43-year-old merchant traveler, presenting his wife with a delicate ceramic mug bearing the legend “Idaho: The Gem State". Even by Onion standards, this is a good one. I especially like it since I have that mug.

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    Sarah Palin Speech in Idaho Falls Opens Sixth Seal Of Apocalypse

    Some of the quotes in this one have probably happened somewhere at some time. The fact that it's set in Idaho makes it even more believable. But, despite this Onion report, the Apocalypse did not begin in Idaho Falls - yet.

    Aaron P. Bernstein, Getty Images