I have been accused of being a pretty weird person. I take that as a great compliment. That's one reason why I always felt like I would always fit into Idaho. Sure enough, I have learned that Idaho can be a very strange place. Here are some weird facts that I've learned about Idaho. Thank you ZipAtlas for this helpful info.

The highest ethnic population for Idaho is "Other"

You think that there are more German people in Idaho? Wrong. What about English? Nope. According to ZipAtlas, the highest ethnic population in Idaho is "other". Is this proof of aliens? Likely.

There is almost a 1-to-1 ratio of men-to-women in Idaho

Statistically, this is crazy. There are almost an equal number of men and women in Idaho. There are just over 3,000 more men than women IN THE ENTIRE STATE. That means that Idaho is basically one big arranged marriage.

Idaho has more houses with 5 rooms than anyplace else

Maybe this stat isn't really weird. But, it feels like it's strange to me. Are there that many big families in Idaho? Or, do Idaho guys have more man caves than other states? Maybe this accounts for the over 3,000 guys in Idaho without women.

20% of Idaho families have 3 or more vehicles

My garage barely fits our 1 family vehicle. Yet, many Idaho families have 3 OR MORE vehicles. I have to wonder if this is why so many people in our neighborhood have vehicles that they park in their yard.

Almost 33% of Idaho residents are the boss of somebody

A lot of management people live in Idaho. You would think that would mean we would have more golf courses here. Hmm.

I guess this means the "average" Idahoan is a person with an equal chance of being a man or woman, likely a person from outer space that lives in a big house with bunches of cars and is bossy.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.