It's sort of a twisted honor to be featured on Snopes. If any state can inspire potential hoaxes and crazy stories, it's Idaho. The scary part is most of them are true. Here are 6 times when Idaho was featured on Snopes and whether they were fact or fiction.

6. Idaho Wolves (FALSE)

About 5 years ago, there were photos being shared that were supposedly Idaho hunters with massive wolf trophies. The implication was that hikers would eventually become food for these horse-sized wolves. Truth is you're more likely to be killed by a rainbow trout in Idaho than a wolf. Neither scenario is likely, but if you do get gnawed to death

5. Welcome to Idaho Gun-loving Welcome Sign (FALSE)

Do the welcome to Idaho signs have warnings about gun-owning citizens? Believe it or not, no. This was passed around via email back in 2013, but is not true. Someone did a bang up job with Photoshop to convince the rest of the world that all of us here are packing heat. We are, but the sign is bogus.

4. State of Idaho Honors Napoleon Dynamite (TRUE)

Did the state of Idaho pass a resolution back in 2005 honoring Napoleon Dynamite? Yes, we did. The resolution even mentioned the fact that the film featured tater tots and that would help our potato economy. We are so proud of our elected representatives for this one. Now, let's go play some tether ball.

3. Idaho Governor Calls Poor People Genetically Inferior (FALSE)

Did Governor Otter refer to poor people as genetically inferior? No, he did not. This was started by a satire-oriented news outlet in mid-December of 2015. It's also completely scientifically wrong to think poor people are genetically inferior when in fact, it's fans of the boy band N-Sync.

2. Idaho Has Snow Rollers (TRUE)

The rest of the world apparently does not believe that the wind here blows holes in our snowballs. We obviously know this one is true and we have the pictures to prove it.

1. It Is Common For Idaho To Have Fire Rainbows In The Sky (TRUE)

My wife is a meteorologist and has her own pictures of these beauties. It looks like clouds on on fire with just about every color of the rainbow and yes, it's just as awesome as it sounds.