People may assume that there isn't anything to do in Idaho besides grow potatoes. As an Idaho resident, I know there are numerous outdoor adventures to be had in Idaho.

Recently, I came across an outdoor adventure that I hadn't heard of. Have you been to the must see American Dog Derby in Ashton, Idaho? The American Dog Derby is the longest running dog sled race in the lower 48. Teams travel to Ashton from all over Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah to compete in the two day event.

Dog racing used to be a business in Idaho. In the 1900's mushers and dog sled teams would help deliver supplies, mail, and even people to remote areas. Over time dog sledding turned from a business to a sport. Since then, the sport has added the junior mushers and skijoring teams.

Skijor competition is a new level of winter sports were people ski behind their team of dogs. The junior mushers are elementary school age kids racing. The junior mushers and the skijorers run a shorter course.

If you attend the dog race you will be able to see all the teams line up on Main Street. You and your family will be able to ask questions and even pet the amazing dogs.

These beautiful dogs can reach up to 20 miles per hour as a team on the 24 and 45 mile course. After you have asked your questions and loved on the amazing dogs you will be able to count down each racer and cheer them on. The energy will fill your family's soul as racers sped off every 2 minutes.

While the dog teams race you will be able to drive along certain areas of the course to cheer on your favorite team, or you can join the winter town activities on Main Street. Your children can participate in snowshoe races. Your dog can participate in the mutt races, which include a weight pulling contest.

The next race is scheduled for February 16th, 2017. If you want to add the American Dog Derby to your bucket list check out Ashton, Idaho.