AbleGamers Laboratory will start its monthly open houses next week to help disabled gamers explore assistive technology options.

The AbleGamers Foundation has announced that it will help provide accessibility to disabled gamers every first Thursday of every month. Starting on Nov. 6, the AbleGamers laboratory will open and allow one-on-one consultations so gamers with disabilities can explore the various kinds of assistive devices and tech that AbleGamers has to offer. AbleGamers is a nonprofit charity that intends to help players with disabilities in order to enrich their lives.

YouTube gaming sensations Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach, Wade "Lordminion777" Barnes and Bob "Muyskerm" Muskens and their fans recently had a very successful fundraiser that helped support the AbleGamers Foundation.

Caretakers, family, loved ones and all people with disabilities are encouraged to visit the AbleGamers laboratory on the first Thursday of every month from 10 AM to 4PM for free consultations, demonstrations of available tech and help with submitting grant quests for financial aid. The AbleGamers laboratory is located at 179 E. Burr Ave., Kearneysville, WV, just outside of Washington DC.

Please don't forget that while games offer entertainment and enjoyment, they also help many disabled people with rehabilitation and provide them with a sense of social stimulation to help encourage them during times where they could feel shut out of society's concepts of a normal, everyday life.