AC/DC's Angus Young and Brian Johnson offer exclusive insights into their upcoming album 'Rock or Bust' in the Ultimate Classic Rock video above, exploding one well-worn myth along the way.

For some time now, the rumor has been that the new album -- AC/DC's first without Angus' brother Malcolm Young, who has retired after a dementia diagnosis -- was recorded in a mere 10 days. Johnson admits that it went quickly, but not quite that quickly.

"No, no -- it's impossible," Johnson says, of finishing 'Rock or Bust' in a week and a half. "You've gotta have four or five days of getting the sound right. It was very rapid, don't get me wrong. It was like four, four and a half weeks to get in and out of the studio. But after that, Angus went with ['Rock or Bust' producer] Brendan [O'Brien] and did some more work. You know, figuring out which was best to keep in and keep out. So, that took a bit longer, but that just goes with the territory."

That said, don't look for a whole lot of leftover material. Like Rush, who recently said they have empty song vaults, AC/DC tends to write until the album is completed -- and nothing more. "Anything we've ever done," Angus Young says, "it finishes when it's actually done and ready to go."

'Rock or Bust,' which is due on Dec. 2, was given a New York premiere on Tuesday (Nov. 18) at Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom. The album will premiere in AC/DC's native Australia on Sunday (Nov. 23).

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