There are a lot of ways to rank cities. When you look at quality of life, jobs, economy and stuff to do, Boise ranks pretty high on most lists. But, when you look at a new ranking based on how evil a city is, Boise doesn't look so good.

Wallet Hub ranked cities across the country based on "deadly sins" including lust, gluttony, envy, pride, anger and greed. Once the numbers are crunched, Boise lands at #87.

Source: WalletHub

OK, so maybe they're not really that evil. But, for once, at least Boise isn't a top 5 goody-two-shoes.

I want to give special kudos to Wallet Hub for the hilarious ways they broke down these categories. Greed was decided by percentage of charitable giving. Pride (or was it lust) was determined by the number of plastic surgeons. That made me laugh big time.

Check out the full list to see who the saints and sinners are.