Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just passing this along. But, there's a new ranking by a national singles site that says that most of the ugly single guys are in Idaho.

Beautiful People (of course) had their members rank profiles based on attractiveness. According to them, the most "beautiful" single guys are in Missouri, Texas and California. Missouri? Really? Have they been to the Ozarks where teeth are optional?

But, where do the ugly dudes congregate? Ugliest states for males are North and South Dakota and IDAHO. Congrats fellow Gem State men. We have been whacked repeatedly by the ugly stick, allegedly.

There is some small consolation in this survey. According to their female members, most of the ladies didn't vote just on appearance. They also judged men based on what kind of jobs they have and how much money they appear to possess.

Let me get this straight. Not only are we ugly, but we're also poor and not upwardly mobile? Now, that's really depressing.