If the professional weather guessers - aka The National Weather Service - are correct, the hottest day of the year in the Magic Valley will be next week.

How do they know this? Science. Nothing but cold, hard science. They spend all of their free time collecting weather data, which means they know stuff. This includes all of the days with the warmest temperatures starting in 1981 and going through 2010. Based on what was the hottest day in each of those years, they have made a really fancy chart which predicts that one day next week will be our hottest day of the year.

Based on the forecast for the rest of this week, they could be correct. The Magic Valley is expecting a high of 95 on Sunday with no let up in sight.

No matter if the hottest day of the year will indeed be next week. There is no doubt it will be hot enough to keep your flip flops dry and your muscle shirts close.