BOISE (KTVB) - The extremely hot temperatures right now are more than just an inconvenience to our pets. They can be downright deadly for dogs, if they're left in a car.

And, apparently, that's happening far too often right now.

Dogs don't sweat, and they're, of course, wearing a fur coat year-round.

Dr. Mike Koob, director of Veterinary Medicine with the Idaho Humane Society, says even leaving the windows cracked or some water in your car as you run an errand is not enough to keep your dog safe.

"Big dogs, big fat dogs, have trouble breathing under the best of circumstances," he said. "You make it too hot for them, restrict their access to fresh air, they're going to get in real trouble real fast."

If left for too long, a dog can die.

But, don't people already know this? How often is this actually happening?

In just the last week, Ada County dispatch has received 45 animal abuse calls. The majority of those were people reporting pets left in hot cars in parking lots.

That's a 50 percent increase over last year, and a dramatic increase from the fall or spring, when it's much cooler.

Deputies say if they're responding, they would first try to find the owner and see if they could get the animal out of the car. After that, it becomes a matter of officer discretion.

They say they have not had to break a window to rescue an animal, though. In most cases, deputies arrive when the people are going back to their cars or are already gone.