The National Trust For Historic Preservation has targeted a historic dude ranch near Yellowstone for saving. It's the White Grass Dude Ranch and will go away unless something is done now.

If you're not familiar with the White Grass Dude Ranch, it was built way back in 1913 and operated all the way through 1985. How can it be saved? Here's their story.

Homesteaded in 1913, White Grass operated as a dude ranch from 1919 until 1985 when it was acquired by the National Park Service as part of Grand Teton National Park.The 13 buildings on approximately 30 acres were deteriorating due to abandonment and deferred maintenance until a public-private partnership between the National Trust and National Park Service pledged to rehabilitate White Grass as part of the Western Center for Historic Preservation.

According to the National Trust For Historic Preservation, they need to raise $950,000 to match federal funds to restore the 5 most significant cabins. They are partnered up with the National Park Service to try and get this done.

The National Park Service has documented the rich history of the White Grass Dude Ranch which you can check out on their website.