When you think of vacation destinations, you may think of visiting a big city like New York, San Diego, Washington DC, or Ketchum, ID. Wait... Ketchum?

Small cities aren't on the top of everyone's list when it comes to vacationing, but maybe they should be. A weekend getaway to a tiny town can be refreshing, and with so many cool points of interest on the U.S. map, there’s really no excuse not to go exploring.

According to bustle.com there are 10 small cities you must see:

  1. Telluride, CO (Population 2,500) - Nestled nicely in the Colorado mountains, Telluride has an old-time feel and some of the cutest streets you’ll ever walk.
  2. Idyllwild, CA (Population 4,000) - I've actually been to Idyllwild. It's beautiful and the locals are extremely nice. Idyllwild is located about 20 minutes outside of Palm Springs.
  3. Williamsburg, VA (Population 15,000) - Known for “Colonial Williamsburg,” the restored part of town that houses historic buildings, frequent reenactments, and recent reconstruction, it can feel like you’re stepping back in time to America’s earlier colonial roots.
  4. Sedona AZ (Population 10,000) - Located 2 hours from the Grand Canyon you can spend a summer week swimming in water holes and mountain biking their way through the scenery.
  5. Newport, RI (Population 25,000) - Walk the piers, check out the town’s mansions, or stroll down the vintage-inspired streets.
  6. Beaufort, SC (Population 13,000) - This is a southern a city, and there’s no denying the small town’s beautiful architecture and crumbling ruins.
  7. Ketchum, ID (Population 3,000) - With Ketchum in our backyards I don't have to tell you why it made this list. If you haven't spent time in Ketchum, pack up your car and go for a weekend.
  8. St. Augustine, FL (Population 14,000) - This gem of a city was the oldest city that remained occupied by the Europeans in America, and you can certainly tell when taking in the Spanish-influenced design.
  9. Gatlinburg, TN (Population 4,000) - Aside from having a great location, this city is filled to the brim with wildflowers and lush green forest.
  10. Langley, WA (Population 1,000) - The least populated town on this list, Langley makes up in coastal beauty what it lacks in people.

What do you think of the list? Do you think Ketchum is a "Must See" city?