Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) People in Jerome have been reporting a phone scam where a man is claiming to be from the IRS, demanding money and being threatened with arrest.

Chief Deputy Jack Johnson of the Jerome Sheriff's Office received a few complaints Tuesday. People told him someone was calling and saying they need to pay money to the IRS. If they didn't pay right then, Captain Jack Johnson would come arrest them. "Don't fall for it, I'm not the one calling, I'm not going to come arrest you for not paying your IRS bill.

You know honestly this is a scam out there going on and for whatever reason at this point they are using my name, but it is absolutely not true,” said Chief Deputy Jack Johnson. If you receive a phone call from a Maryland number of 301–685–1056 don't answer or hang up, It is a scam.