Question of the day: Are men more obsessed about how they look than women? Here comes the science... and it may surprise you.

Before you think that there is NO possible way that men could care about their looks more than women, think about all the treatments that are now offered for men. Men get hair plugs, botox, waxing, and other interesting treatments.

Your grandfather never would've groomed his chest hair. But men these days, are not our grandfathers.

I personally have no issue with a well groomed man that tans, waxes, or dies his hair. If it makes you feel good about yourself I say do it! A new study from the Daily Mail, found men have rocketed past women and are now far more obsessed with how they look.

Check out these stats:

  • Men spend 15 total months over the course of their lives in the gym and working out--that's seven times longer than women, who spend two months.
  • Men spend two years and three months of their lives showering while women only spend one year and eight months.
  • Men spend 5.5 total months shaving while women spend one month. However, men spend a total of one month on body hair removal, women spend three months.
  • Women spend longer on getting their hair cut and styled, 10-and-a-half total months versus five months. Women also spend one month taking care of their nails. Men spend 27 days.

When you add all that up, men spend a total of 4.5 years of their lives on their appearance while women spend 3.1 years. The numbers don't lie. Men are more obsessed than women with how they look.