In case this somehow didn't make it onto your calendar, it's International Kiss-A-Ginger Day. What does this mean? You need to find a redheaded person here in the Magic Valley and plant one on them as soon as possible.

In celebration of all things redheaded, The Examiner posted the following astonishing facts about redheads. OK, so maybe not astonishing, but they're facts just the same.

Natural red hair is caused by the “ginger gene”, a mutated MC1R gene which only occurs when both mom and dad carry the gene. Only 1 to 2 percent of the population has natural red hair.

As an actual redheaded person, I can tell you we need this day. Think about it. When you look like Opie Taylor, who do you have to hold up as a redheaded hero? Comedian Carrot Top? Please no. Pippi Longstocking? Yikes.

So, for the love of all things ginger, please share some affection to the redhead nearest you in Twin Falls today. Me and my people appreciate it.