Do you still burn trash at home? I grew up taking the trash to burn barrels that were located at the back of our yard. Things have changed a little. Now burning your trash is illegal.

Even though things have changed and not many of us burn our trash anymore, there are those who still burn their paper and cardboard. City and county codes ban open burning of anything man-made — or anything that isn’t grown on the property. Fines for open burn violations can be up to $10,000 per day, depending on the severity of the violation.

You can burn the following items on your property:

  • Leaves and branches
  • Weeds and garden waste may be burned legally in some cases.
  • Grass clippings are discouraged. They don’t burn, they just smolder.

There is no burning allowed within most cities, including Twin Falls. The state has created a website to answer most questions about burning at