Ontario, Ore. (KTVB)-- The man suspected of shooting a Mountain Home airman was arrested at an Ontario lumber yard late Saturday night, police said.

Investigators say 38-year-old Lajuan C. Lee was hiding from police in the lumber yard, while a manhunt for him was under way. Lee is accused of shooting an airman from the 366th Logistics Readiness Squadron at the Econo Wash Laundromat Saturday morning.  The victim, whose name has not been released, was taken by air ambulance to a Boise hospital where he underwent surgery. He is said to be in stable condition. The motive behind the shooting is still unknown.

Detectives with Mountain Home Police were planning to go to Ontario to serve an arrest warrant for aggravated battery on Lee, who was initially arrested on a trespassing charge. The warrant carries with it a $500,000 bond, police said. Because Lee was arrested in Oregon, an extradition hearing will have to occur before he can be taken to Elmore County to face charges.