TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- As the temperature in Southern Idaho begins to rise, the rattlesnakes start to slither from their dens. Kelton Hatch with Idaho Fish and Game says temperatures need to be well above sixty for a long period of time before rattlers begin to make their move.

Even if temperatures are pretty high for a few days, the snakes won’t creep too far from their holes. Hatch says if you do encounter a rattle snake on a warm day keep in mind there could be another one close by.

Hatch says if it cools down too much at night rattlers won’t venture very far.  “If it’s really hot they’re going to start looking for shade. If it’s starting to cool off in the evening that’s why you see them on roads at night because they try and come out and lay on that pavement or that gravel road just to pick up that last little bit of heat that those roads hold” says Kelton.

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When temperatures stay warm hikers, hunters, and anyone who ventures outdoors need to keep a watchful eye and be cautious. But, Hatch says it is very rare for people to get bit “typically it’s somebody that is trying to catch one, or kill one, or mess around with it that ends up getting bit.” He says on occasion someone might get bit climbing rocks. When you do encounter a rattle snake give it space and go around it, don’t try to move it.

Hatch says rattlesnakes can be more of a threat to your dogs because the pets will be out sniffing around and come up on one. He says there are ways of training a dog to avoid a rattlesnake “they do it typically with electricity with a training collar and they’ll bring in bullsnakes or something like that. Once your dog approaches it you hit it with the electricity and it will teach it to stay away from it. You have to have some type of negative response when they get close to that snake.”

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will be hosting their annual rattlesnake and trap avoidance training for dogs in Boise on June 12th, which is a Sunday. The event will be held at the Veteran’s Memorial Park beginning at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is a fee for registration.