If you're late to the party, there's someone in Fremont County, Idaho that is spending a crazy amount of time recording video of bad SE Idaho drivers. They're back and up to an unbelievable episode 15.

In this one, they've captured some people doing auto gymnastics in a Walmart parking lot, a horse trailer making everyone wait at an intersection and a few cars barely straying out of their lane drawing the ire of the lady making this video.

My favorite part involves a traffic jam created by people lining up wanting to get a snow cone. Um, snow cones.

No doubt that some of these drivers are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. But, I'm equally irritated by the video takers who I think really need to lighten up.

To their credit, near the end of the video they actually admit to making a mistake themselves. OH, THE HORROR! They turned their turn signal on when they meant to turn their wipers on. Breaking news: NO ONE IS PERFECT.