TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – The Sawtooth National Forest wants to remind people as they head outdoors for the Fourth of July that safety and responsible actions should come first when recreating on forestland.

Alice Lake in Blaine County/PureStock/ThinkStock

For starters, fireworks are prohibited all year in all national forests.

Other things to consider when in the outdoors, according to a news release, include the following:

Be responsible when using motorized vehicles. Stay on designated routes and use appropriate travel maps, available at SNF offices or by download.

Just because the forest looks green doesn’t mean it can’t still catch fire. Fires start quickly and burn in vegetation that may seem green but is drying out. When leaving your campsite, either for the day or once your trip is over, make sure your campfire is "cold to the touch."

Don’t attract bears. Wild bears usually avoid people, according to the release, but when conditioned to human food they can be aggressive. In an effort to keep bears away from your campground, “store food in hard-sided vehicles or bear-proof containers; keep sleeping areas, tents and sleeping bags free from food and food odors; and wash up, change clothes and remove all scented articles nearby before going to bed.”

There are more issues to consider when heading into the forest, according to the SNF, so check out the full news release.