BOISE, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho judge has tossed out portions of a lawsuit against the owner of a Boise area, where a handful of hockey fans contend they were victims of a beer scam.

According to KBOI-TV, Ada County Judge Deborah A. Bail nixed plaintiff's claim of fraud and misrepresentation on Monday. The lawsuit, filed in Boise's 4th District Court in 2014, contends that Block 22 LLC, which does business as CenturyLink Arena, defrauded customers by fooling them into thinking that a tall, narrow cup of beer sold for $7 was substantially bigger than a shorter, wider cup sold for $4.

The case will now move forward on claims that CenturyLink violated Idaho's Consumer Protection Act and unjust enrichment. A jury trial is scheduled for Nov. 3. CenturyLink has since stopped purchasing the plastic cups.