If you win the lottery and decide you want to go all out on a home, what's the best one available in Idaho? This is it. As of right now, this is the most expensive home currently available in our beloved state. Think your checkbook is ready for this?

This epic estate is located at 126 Old Mill Road in Sun Valley. It's a 4-bed, 6-bath home that is near all the resorts to our north. It's a mammoth 15,000 square foot lot that has a couple areas that haven't even been developed yet. One seriously looks like it could be made into an airstrip.

The listing describes "ultimate security". I have to wonder if that means a satellite from space will zap you if you walk onto the lawn without permission.

What does all this luxury cost you? According to the Zillow listing, the asking price is a cool $25,000,000. That makes it the most expensive home currently for sale in all of Idaho.

Tom Drougas is the listing agent. I'm sure he'd be glad to show you around. But, I'd make sure to call first. You never know if the satellite would zap you, if you didn't.