We live in Idaho, why not embrace it?  Best potato costumes 2014.


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    Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

    Because we couldn't not include this.
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    Couch Potato

    Caption Contest?

    Caption on camera: "Well, it's a living!"

    Caption off camera: "P.... please.... please for the love of Moses help me.... *whispers* THEY BEAT ME WITH CONDIMENTS.  NOT THE SAUCES, BUT LIKE, THE ACTUAL BOTTLES"

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    Not a reference most children will get, but still awesome.

    Ross will always have a special place in my heart, and outer space.

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    Baked Potato

    Wait, is that the same guy???

    True story - while sniffing around for potato costumes, this guy appeared on a totally DIFFERENT website than the Couch Potato.  It is definitely him.  I have... SOOOO... many questions.

    Are you a potato model?

    Were you supplied outfits, or was it a B.Y.O.C. situation?

    So, is that a costume?

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    Small Fry

    Guaranteed to get the living snot beaten out of him or her!
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    Tater Tot!

    wookatdawiddowpotatobabyweawingdababypotatocostume!!  ooooooozawiddowcutie??  ooooooooozzzawiddowcutie!??  YOU ARE!!  YES YOU ARE!!