BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) – She’s big, she’s bad, and she’s coming to Boise.

Meet Sue, the largest fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex discovered in North America, on Jan. 21 at the Discovery Center of Idaho.

Getty Images

Named after Sue Hendrickson, who discovered the dinosaur in 1990 near Faith, S.D., the giant lady roamed North America about 67 million years ago. Sue is a fine specimen of the T. rex species, one of the fiercest man-eaters to have walked the Earth. She measures 40.5 feet long and stands about 13 feet tall, according to The Field Museum. It is believed that when Sue was alive her hips alone weighed as much between 6 and 10 metric tons.

Now that’s a big mama.

The forthcoming exhibit, named “A T. rex Named Sue,” tells “the story of the largest, most complete, and best-preserved T. rex … in a visceral experience that combines visual, tactile, audible, and aromatic activities with compelling educational content,” reads information from the Discovery Center of Idaho. “Visitors of all ages will marvel at Sue’s size and ferocity while learning about her scientific importance through engaging interactives.”

For additional information, check out the center’s webpage or call 208-343-9895.