COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (KTVB) — The man charged with fatally shooting Coeur d'Alene Police Department Sergeant Greg Moore admitted to pulling the trigger during an interview with investigators. Court documents released Tuesday morning stated that Johnathan D. Renfro, 26, admitted to the crime during the interview.

Renfro allegedly said he shot Moore because he had a gun in his pocket and knew Moore would find it. He admitted to shooting Moore with a 9mm Glock pistol he had in his coat pocket according to court records.

Sgt. Moore was shot Tuesday around 1:30 a.m. near Wilbur Avenue and Joanna Drive. White said Moore was patrolling the area due to a string of recent car burglaries.

Authorities said Sgt. Moore called into dispatch reporting that he had stopped a "suspicious person." Police said it was somewhere after that moment that Moore was shot.

Court documents released Wednesday, described what happened between the time Moore approached Renfro to the time he was shot.

Sgt. Moore was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting. Court documents said the body camera recorded video and audio of his encounter with Renfro. Investigators who reviewed the video stated that:

"After speaking with Renfrom and running Renfro's identification, Sgt. Moore asks Renfro to step over toward his patrol vehicle. At that point Renfro is observed shooting Sgt. Moore."

Investigators said Sgt. Moore then fell to the ground and the body camera points to the sky.

Renfro can then be seen on the body camera video standing over Sgt. Moore. Court documents stated that Renfro uses a light flashlight while searching Sgt. Moore. Investigators could then hear voices in the background of the video, then a car door slams and a vehicle drives away.

Neighbors heard the shooting and called 911. One of the neighbors told authorities she witnessed someone standing over a body in the street. The neighbors told police they yelled at the man standing over the body, saw him jump in the patrol car and leave.

A three-hour manhunt eventually lead authorities to Post Falls, Idaho where they found Renfro.

Renfro admitted to taking Sgt. Moore's firearm during his interview with investigators. Court documents said he also admitted to taking to pistol magazines and a flashlight from Sgt. Moore. Renfro also told investigators that he left the shooting scene in Moore's patrol vehicle. He confessed to ditching the vehicle in Post Falls because he knew authorities were looking for him.

During his interview with authorities, Renfro admitted to using hydrocodone and methamphetamine on Monday. Renfro was on felony parole at the time of the shooting. He has been convicted for grand theft, burglary and assault on a corrections officer.

Renfro made his first appearance in court on Tuesday, only 12 hours after he shot Sgt. Moore.

At that hearing, Renfro was read the following charges:

Attempted Murder in the 1st Degree

Grand Theft (Two Counts)

Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

Removing a Firearm from a Law Enforcement Officer

The judge set his bail at $2 Million.