BOISE (KTVB) -- A Boise doctor who was arrested in June for using his medical practice to sell prescription painkillers has pleaded guilty.

Michael Minas was originally indicted on 17 charges, but a plea agreement Tuesday allowed him to drop all but three.

According to court documents, Minas charged patients $100 per visit. When patients requested pain medications, prosecutors say, the doctor prescribed hundreds of pills without a thorough examination to determine whether any of the patients had a medical basis for the pain they reported.

"There was minimal, if any, touching of the patient, and no x-rays, MRls or other substantial attempts to determine the cause of pain," the plea agreement reads.

Minas also did not try to refer the patients to physical therapists or other specialists, or suggest non-opiate medications to treat their pain. Most of the patients given oxycodone provided little or no medical records.

One patient received a prescription for 240 pills of 30mg oxycodone on his first visit to Minas' Eagle office. On his second visit, according to the plea agreement, Minas increased his dosage to 300 pills per month.

The doctor was released from custody after his arrest, but has been barred from practicing medicine or writing any prescriptions until the charges are resolved.

Minas could face up to 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine at his sentencing.