BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) — Central District Health Department officials are busy fielding calls from those sickened with salmonella from the Boise Co-Op's deli.

CDHD Public Information Officer Christine Myron said Tuesday that the department has 60 confirmed cases of salmonella, but anticipate in all that 75 to 100 cases will be reported to CDHD. The reports are even coming from out of state, because Myron said the Boise Airport sells Boise Co-Op deli products at airport terminal kiosks. To help field the calls, volunteers are working a hotline.

Those with the Boise Co-Op learned earlier in the week the source of the bacteria. The contaminated items were found in onions, tomatoes and raw turkey in the store's deli section, and not in the produce aisle. The Boise Co-Op promptly closed its deli for the time being.

Central District Health continues to work with the members of the Boise Co-Op to get the contamination cleared and cleaned so they can reopen their deli services. Health officials believe the sickness occurred from June 1 to June 10.