(KTVB) A Boise woman was one of millions to witness the terror that ravaged the streets of Paris on Friday night. Mati Young and her mom are in the City of Light for the week attending a vacation rental conference.

They were hoping for an incredible vacation, exploring all the beautiful sights and smells in the French capital. But now, the conference's closing events have been cancelled and Mati and her mom are laying low, trying to grasp the reality of these terrible attacks on humanity.

An evening that started with a relaxing meal in the 11th arrondissement of Paris turned in to the unimaginable.

"My phone was next to me and an alert came that there was shootings in Paris and that there was an explosion," Young says.

Young was presenting at the Airbnb Open on Friday that brought over 5,000 people from all over the world to Paris. Afterward, she and a few colleagues headed to a Parisian restaurant to wind down for the night. What they didn't know was that right down the street was Le Bataclan theater- the site where the first of a series of deadly attacks would transpire.

"Nobody quite knew what was happening except there were gunmen outside and it was a little frantic," Young says, "So we all went down in the cellar below the restaurant and that's where we were for three hours... just kind of waiting."

She finally got an Uber home at 2 a.m. once officials announced that the situation was contained. She has no television in the flat she's staying in for the week, so loved ones back in the states have been feeding her information.

"It was scary at the time because we were in it when it started to unfold and we would only hear little bits and parts that incidents kept happening."

A night of terror, followed by shock and sadness.

"It's a very unfortunate, tragic incident and it's a moving experience to unfortunately be part of it and see it," Young adds.

Sirens still blaring across the center of Paris...

"A lot of places are closed a lot of shops that are down, there's a lot of military there's a lot of police."

...dimming the City of Light.

Young tells us she has to contact the U.S Embassy in Paris to check in because they're accounting for Americans. Right now, she says, she's just looking forward to being able to come home to her husband and kids.