The studio known for the Borderlands series has its own psychos to deal with as police were dispatched to Gearbox Software's headquarters in Plano, Texas to deal with a bomb threat.

Polygon reports that Randy Pitchford, the head of Gearbox Software, has posted a bunch of Tweets in regards to a serious bomb threat made at his company's main office in Plano, Texas. While Pitchford did not indicate how the office learned of the bomb threat (whether it was by anonymous phone call, email, etc.), he did mention that the threat was in the form of a supposed car bomb set somewhere in the company's parking lot, which is shared with a few other local businesses. Plano's Police Department arrived quickly on the scene with its bomb disposal unit in tow.

Pitchford mentioned not being able to return to his car during the investigation. Plano's Bomb Squad used a state of the art, remote controlled robot to approach the suspected car. After a full investigation, the Bomb Squad gave an all-clear. One of Pitchford's last Tweets about the ordeal mentioned being scared when it was time to finally drive home. We're just happy everyone turned out fine.

Gearbox Software is primarily known for its work on the Borderlands series as well as having its hand in the abomination known as Aliens: Colonial Marines. It's next big game is Battleborn, an MOBA-inspired game intertwined with first-person mechanics. Battleborn is expected to launch in late 2015 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.