UPDATE, 3:30 p.m.: Members of the bomb squad were surprised when they went to detonate the "pipe bomb" this afternoon.

It wasn't a bomb after all, said Lori Stewart, spokeswoman for the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office.

"It turned out to be a geocache that was hidden in a pipe," she said. "There were names and signatures of individuals who had located it dating back to 2011. The most current name was posted on March 26, 2016."

Students at the school have been released and the road will open.

If nothing else, it was great practice for the bomb squad, – "a safe ending for all," she said.


BUHL, Idaho (KLIX) – Buhl schools have been locked down after an old pipe bomb was found this afternoon near one of the schools.

There is no threat to the students inside the buildings, said Lori Stewart, spokeswoman for the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office, but students have been restricted from leaving the building so they're not outside while emergency crews remove the bomb.

“You can call this a soft lock-down or lock-in,” she said, noting there is no eminent threat. The bomb is believed to have been there for a long time.

"The city was doing routine maintenance grading the parking lot and shoulder of the roadways when they discovered it at 1:15 today," Stewart said. "Twin Falls Police Bomb Squad is on scene now. A team from Mountain Home Air Force Base is coming down with their canines to search the entire 72 acres of school property."

The bomb was found close to the corner of Sawtooth Avenue and Clear Lakes Road, she said. "So while it is on the edge of the school property, it is not close to any buildings."

Sawtooth Avenue from the Boys and Girls Club to Clear Lakes Road is closed while emergency crews work the scene.