Our friend, Kade Andrews, clued us in to something unique that has been happening in Buhl for the past 30 years. Neill Irish has been showing free movies in his backyard for anyone that wants to come.

If you happen to be near 301 Maple Street in Buhl at the corner of 14th and Maple on a Friday or Saturday night, you'll see Neill and his big white screen in the backyard getting ready for the big show.

What kind of movies does Neill show? Last weekend, it was Behind Enemy Lines starring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman.

It gets even better. Neill provides free refreshments like hot chocolate and sometimes popcorn for anyone that joins him.

Kade shared this on his Facebook page about Neill and his Friday and Saturday night movies.

I love his stories & the stuff he shares I think you guys should get to know him & who he is. He's a really great guy.

We agree that Neill sounds like a really great guy. Wonder what's showing this weekend in his yard?