BUHL, Id. (KMVT / KSVT) The past two years students in the Buhl School District have been using Chromebook laptops and thanks to a new program, now they will get to take them home.

The Buhl School District is starting a program where every third through twelfth grader will have their own chrome laptop.

Middle school and high school students will now be able to take their laptops home with them but elementary students will just use them in the classroom.

The school district receives a state technology fund each year which is going towards these laptops.

"It just makes it easier for them to complete things. And I feel if we provide the technology then can expect them to use it, learn how to use it effectively so when they get to college they are prepared for the technology world they are going to enter,” said Danielle Richardson, Buhl High School Teacher.

The laptops are projected to go home with the students the first week of November.