Do you consider yourself adventurous? Are you crazy brave enough to strap a motor on your back and fly over Idaho to prove your insanity greatness? If your answer is yes, I have an event that you will want to know about.

The event is called the Icarus Trophy. Here's a description from the official website of what this is all about.

The mother of all aerial gauntlets. This is a near 1000 mile, unsupported, cross-country paramotor race. This is you and your flying machine against the wilderness in the ultimate test of pilot skill and endurance. This is the Icarus Trophy.

The course this year took them over our neck of the woods in Southern Idaho.


If you think this sounds like the best thing ever, you can keep up with this group on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their blog.

Who knows? Maybe we'll be watching you soar over the Magic Valley in next year's race.