Bungie explains why Destiny is yet another AAA title being released across both current and next-gen consoles to not offer any sort of cross-platform play.

According to Digital Trends, Bungie engineer Roger Wolfson explained why Destiny is going to be unable to provide cross-platform play. Mind you, Bungie COO Pete Parsons said last month that Destiny is essentially the same game regardless of what console it is on. Wolfson mentions that each console has its own individual issues that are unique to that platform which play into why there will be no cross-platform play across Destiny.

“I’ll speak for the hypothetical player,” Wolfson explains. “I have a disadvantage sniping across the map because [my opponent with a next-gen console] is only two pixels on my screen and I’m four pixels on his. You see that in the world of PC gaming, where people are always racing to the best video card to give themselves the advantage.”

We don't necessary hold that same opinion -- anyone playing on a 60-inch TV can have an advantage over someone playing on a screen that's 15-inch. Wolfson counteracts his reasoning by comparing his Destiny experiences on a PlayStation 4 to playing on an Xbox 360, saying they were essentially the same. If this was true, then the pixel advantage he described should be negligible.

“I’ve been playing some on the Xbox 360 as well as the PS4 [at home] as we head into the beta window, and I’ve been really pleased at how I can almost forget that I’m playing on a last-gen console,” Wolfson says. “There’s really no difference at all in loading, the action game is as fluid and as action-packed, there are as many combatants on the last-gen, [and] the loading times are equivalent.”

Lastly, Wolfson explains that the characters you create in Destiny are intended to stay with you for the next decade across its inevitable sequels. Destiny launches on Sept. 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.