Activision and Sony's partnership with Destiny seems to know no bounds, as the PlayStation Blog has announced Bungie has optimized the PS Vita's control scheme for those who would like to play the upcoming shooter via the PlayStation 4's Remote Play. The new control scheme is as follows:


The biggest change is obviously the Vita's touch screen getting split into thirds in order to control melee attacks, grenades and the Ghost. Not using the DualShock 4's TouchPad seems odd, but we're perfectly okay with that idea. With the touch screen being the focal point, we can be more precise with our actions, and that's fine with us.

The PS4's Remote Play on the PlayStation Vita has always been a neat little feature. However, because the device lacks a few buttons compared to the DualShock 4, using the Vita is never as tight with its controls as playing the game on a PS4, making Remote Play less than desirable when off the toilet. Bungie obviously didn't want that for their upcoming epic, so they changed the Vita's control scheme. We really like this decision, and hope more developers follow Destiny's lead and think about those who use the Remote Play function in the future.

Destiny will launch September 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.