BURLEY, Id. (KMVT-KSVT) More details revealed in court documents in the death of 34-year-old Melissia Dawn Kincaid in the Mini-Cassia area. Flowers and signs of support and prayer line the fence of the Mini–Cassia home between Burley and Delco.

According to the police report, on Sunday, September 6th the Cassia County Sheriff's Office responded to the home of Ronnie and Melissia Kincaid, located at 548 East Highway 81. When they arrived, the body of 34-year-old Melissia Dawn Kincaid was found inside. Kincaid's husband, Ronnie Kincaid Jr. was also found inside the home, along with five children ranging in age from 10 to 17.

An autopsy performed on Kincaid concluded that she passed away from severe trauma. The report showed that Kincaid had a foreign object forcefully inserted into her, resulting in severe tearing which caused her to bleed to death. The Cassia County Coroner's Office told police that it was not possible that Melissia could have injured herself in this manner. When questioned by police Kincaid indicated that he and Melissia did have sexual intercourse that night around midnight.

Testimony from the children inside the home supports that, but the police report also says that the children heard loud screaming coming from the room. At 8:52 A.M., Ronnie Kincaid called 911 reporting Melissia was unresponsive. On September 8th, Ronnie Kincaid Jr. was arrested by the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office on one count of murder in the first degree.

Kincaid was also charged with one count mayhem, two counts of penetration by a foreign object, and one count of concealment or destruction of evidence. Kincaid had his initial arraignment hearing on Friday, September 11th. Due to the severity of these charges, the state request bond to be set at $5 million, and the court agreed. Kincaid is scheduled to be back in court at 9 A.M. September 25th for his preliminary hearing.