BURLEY, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho teenager facing charges related to his stepmother's death has waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

The Times-News reports that 17-year-old Ronnie Gene Kincaid III has been charged as an adult with felony accessory to murder for withholding information from police and concealing or destroying evidence. Prosecutors say Kincaid helped wash the body of his stepmother after she was fatally wounded.

The preliminary hearing would have required prosecutors to show they have enough evidence to go to trial. The teen's attorney says he is not guilty of the charges and that much of the information made public is an inaccurate reflection of the circumstances surrounding 34-year-old Melissia Kincaid's death. The teen's father, Ronnie Gene Kincaid Jr., is charged with murder in Melissia Kincaid's death.